Alex Gwerder - Vocals, Guitar, Bluesharp

Alex is the original "Muotathal Mountain Man" and only remaining founding member still in the band. He is the lead vocalist and main songwriter. Often described as the heart of dustyboots, Alex is the man at the front leading his troops into battle night after night!


For over 15 years - since the summer of 2007 with the current line up - the inner swiss country-rock band have been entertaining audiences in their native Switzerland and in neighboring countries. The "BOOTS" are the most sought-after Country band in Switzerland. However in the case of dustyboots the term "country" clearly falls short: The five musicians play a mix of country , rock (n'roll) and tex-mex, including many original compositions written by band leader Alex Gwerder. Despite the apparent wide range of music, once the band starts to play you know that's the sound of dustyboots.

The bands roots are in Muotathal, a picturesque valley hidden away in central Switzerland where Alex Gwerder and Franz Föhn still live. dustyboots fans come in all ages but have one thing in common. They all love to have a good time at a dustyboots concert.

The dustyboots song "Midnight Train" was featured in the 2006 oscar nominated and most successful swiss film of all time "Late Bloomers".

In January 2009 at the Ice Rock Festival in Wasen i.E. ,despite a temperature of -6 C , dustyboots recorded the concert for their CD "Live im Emmental" (by the way that's not a typo "im" is a german word). The recording captures the bands live sound perfectly.

Another first in 2009 was the making of a Videoclip for "Feeling Good" (the last song on "Live im Emmental"). The video has been shown many times on the swiss tv musicvideo show 'Roboclip' and can, of course, also be found on youtube.

In January 2010 the band travelled travelled tp Memphis, USA to record the current CD aptly also called "Memphis". The trip and recording process was filmed and released as the documentary style DVD "10 Days In Memphis". Over 1000 people attended the CD release party and concert at the Beaver Creek Ranch, Rothenthurm, Switzerland on May 1st.

dustyboots celelbrated their 20th anniversary on July 16th 2011 with a very special open air concert "Das Fest" in their home town of Muotathal. Fans came from all over switzerland and were rewarded with perfect weather and an evening of dustyboots finest roadmusic and special guests.

2012 saw the release of the much anticipated "Acoustic" CD. This album features many of the cover songs that the band have played over the years but never recorded until now!

In 2013 the band were priveliged to be invited to perform on the 5th Rock n Blues Cruise - a fantastic experience - numerous videos are on youtube.

Long time pianist and accordion player Frank Föhn sadly decided to retire from the band in 2014 and played his last show at the 1. Road Music Open Air in July. To fill his place bassist Marcel Hertner showed his multi instrumentalist talent by moving behind the piano and new boy Patrick Gwerder (no relation to Alex) became the new Bassman.


Jim Bows - Guitar, Dobro, Mandoline

Jim is the bands lead guitarist and also producer. His side of the stage often resembles a music shop with various electric and acoustic guitars, a dobro and a mandoline. Originally from England he has lived in Switzerland for over 20 years.

Patrick Gwerder - Bass

Patrick joined dustyboots in August 2014 and although he shares a surname with Alex is not related (as far as we know!)

Marcel Hertner - Piano, Accordion, Vocals

Marcel known by his nickname "Cello" is a multi instrumentalist who used to play bass with the band but has now changed to piano and accordion. He also plays a mean hammond organ.

Erich Strasser - Drums, Vocals

Erich not only drives the band but sings all of the first harmony vocals and even gets to sing the lead vocal on a couple of songs. He is also a massive Roger Federer fan!